Dondon park

February 3, 2024

(7 Hours)

About This Tour

Get ready for a day full of joy, happiness and fun at Dunoon Park, where diverse and exciting experiences come together with relaxation in the green natural spaces under the clear sky and on traditional Arabic benches.

The events continue from 10 am to 5 pm.

Dunoon Park location:
It is located in the Rakb area, near the intersection with Saqr Mariouteya Road, and only 25 minutes from Carrefour Maadi.


Today’s programme: Choose your ticket from

The large ticket includes:

  • Country breakfast: Feteer Meshaltet served with honey and cheese, with the possibility of re-ordering until satisfied.
  • Various activities where you get handmade products as gifts.                                                                                                                                                      –Cooking segment: making a healthy product “trifle” and explaining the importance of healthy eating.
    – Sand Art: Form colored sand and package it in bottles to decorate your work space.
    – Pottery Coloring: Show your creativity by coloring your own pottery pieces.
    – Agriculture Department: Explaining the parts of a plant with a vegetable or fruit planter as a gift for each participant.
    – Kneading Section: A story about bread, the importance of wheat, kneading bread, baking it in the traditional oven, and enjoying its distinctive fresh taste.
  • Color War: Safe and easily washable powder colors are used.
  • Giant trampoline.
  • Open play area for children (climbing/swings).
  • Various and exciting competitions and games (Connect Four, X-O, Basketball, Boxing) suitable for all ages with a specialized animation team.

Or choose the mini ticket which includes:

  • Country breakfast: Meshaltet pie served with honey and cheese, with the possibility of re-ordering.
  • Horseback riding.
  • Ping pong and billiards all day long.
  • Telematch competitions.
  • Choose two activities from the different options.

Additional optional activities for those interested:

  1. Beach buggy ride.
  2. Paintball game includes 20 shots with a special uniform and a referee directing the battle.
    Handbag: Color and decorate a canvas bag in your unique style.
  3. Zip line.
  4. Rope and steps game.

Important information:

  1. Horse riding takes place on designated sandy tracks (parents who do not wish to ride horses can delegate one of the children).
  2. Back track for women with a young assistant to help them with riding instructions.
  3. Discounts for groups starting from 20 people.
  4. Bringing food and drinks is allowed.
  5. Possibility of booking lunch two days before the trip: burger / panini / shawarma with potatoes / chips for 80 pounds, or a mixed grill meal (kebab + kofta) served with yellow basmati rice, green salad, tahini salad, and bread for 150 pounds.
  6. Free tea is available at any time.
  7. BBQ grill reservations available.
  8. Use of fridges and ovens with help from the Dunoon Park team.
  9. Transportation can be arranged from any area with an average fee of 100 pounds per seat.
  10. The closing date for reservations is January 22 or when maximum capacity is reached.

Cancellation Policy:

  • In case of cancellation immediately after booking, an administrative fee of EGP 50 per ticket will be charged.
  • Cancellation 10 days or less before the trip will result in a 100 EGP discount if no alternative is available.Get ready to spend an unforgettable day with diverse adventures and exciting activities at Dunoon Park!

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