AirZone Lady’s only

One Day Trip ,

November 28, 2023

(3 Hours)

About This Tour

Are you looking for a special day dedicated to girls and women to soaring  and enjoy ?

Here’s your chance , Join us on the Airzone trip.

We make a special reservation for our trip without cameras and a team of female workers.

A very special offer for our trip with a discount of up to 300%!! Enjoy 3 hours of soaring for 250 EGP instead of 45 minutes for 225 EGP .

  •  Enjoy different games For 3 hours : Basketball, volleyball, dodgebaoll, climbing wall, warrior zone .
  • Meeting at ten o’clock in front of the amusement park gate
  •  Numbers are limited to ensure everyone can enjoy .

Additional information :

  •  Any one can join starting from 3 years .
  •  Boys up to seven years old are allowed
  • Additional discount for groups starting from 10 people .

Cancellation Policy:

  • In the event of cancellation immediately after booking, a 50 EGP administrative fee will be deduct.
  •  In the event of cancellation 5 days before the trip, a 50% discount will be made if an alternative is not provided.

Tour Program

Tour Location

250,00 EGP

Please Contact Us at 01222267357 For Booking
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January 12, 2023