Umrah January

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January 27, 2024

(10 \ 15 Days)

About This Tour

A special discount on cash payment, with the possibility of installments over 5 months .

We present you with a diverse array of Umrah programs designed to cater to your preferences.

Five-Star Program:

Elevate your religious journey with the Five-Star Program, which encompasses a 10-day stay in hotels with views of the holy sites in Mecca and Medina, along with daily breakfast.

Four-Star Program:

Opt for the Four-Star Program and spend ten days in hotels located within a 3 to 10-minute walk from the holy sites. It’s a comfortable experience that combines proximity to the holy sites with affordability.

Three-Star Program:

For those seeking an extended 15-day experience, the Three-Star Program offers round-the-clock shuttle services to the Meccan holy site and accommodations just a three-minute walk from the Medina holy site. Enjoy comfort and ease of movement within the holy sites.

Additional information :

The price per child includes flight and visa only. When adding a bed, it is charged as an individual .

In the presence of a visa, the value of the visa is deducted .

Express train has an additional fee .

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33.700,00 EGP57.000,00 EGP

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January 12, 2023