The Monuments of the Ahmed Ibn Tulun Area

One Day Trip ,

February 4, 2024

(5 Hours)

About This Tour

On our journey into the deep history of Islamic Egypt, we invite you to immerse yourselves in a world of beauty and enchantment, where there is no present without a past, and no future without roots.

Therefore, it is imperative for us to acquaint ourselves with the historical treasures of Egypt and its Islamic heritage throughout the ages. Our focus on this journey will revolve around the area of Ahmed Ibn Tulun.

Tour Program : 

  • The itinerary begins at the Mosque of Al-Hakim, our starting point at 11 AM. We will delve into a historical introduction that seamlessly and engagingly guides us through the Islamic eras, delving into the architectural styles and Islamic arts, unraveling the beauty carried by each era and location.
  • Our visit to the Ahmed Ibn Tulun Mosque, often referred to as the mosque that does not burn if the capital is ablaze or sink if it is submerged, will be a journey into architectural splendor and resilience.
  • Following that, we will explore the Kreittilah House in the Gayer-Anderson Museum, where history unfolds, reflecting intricate details of the lifestyle during that era.
  • We will also wander through various landmarks, visiting historical mosques and schools such as the Mosque and School of Sagratmesh, Sabil Um Abbas, Prince Taz Palace, and the Moulidic Complex, witnessing their beauty and hearing their history.

Important Information:

  • Some sites will only be explained and observed from the outside due to ongoing restoration and maintenance, such as Sabil Um Abbas.
  • Participants can opt for round-trip bus transportation, with assembly at 10 AM at the agreed-upon location.
  • Participation is open to ages 8 and above, welcoming all history enthusiasts or those eager to explore it.

Cancellation Policy:

  1. Cancellation immediately after booking incurs a 50 EGP deduction per ticket as administrative fees.
  2. Cancellation within 5 days or less before the trip results in a 50% deduction if no alternative is provided.

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